Jordan brings with him a strong set of skills after honing his marketing talents with TEFL and Eastgate Shopping Centre.

Jordan’s career path goes back even further, as he has also made waves in the music and festival scene. After studying Music Business in Glasgow, Jordan worked with the Ironworks Music Venue, Belladrum, XpoNorth, Groove Loch Ness and Groove Cairngorm. During that time, he developed his creative, marketing and PR skills whilst running club nights and DJing in his spare time.

But there’s more to Jordan than just music and marketing. The childhood WWF and Spiderman aficionado was Drakies Primary School’s Cycling Proficiency Star Pupil 2003, although the proudest moment of his life was the birth of his daughter, Nelly, in July 2018.

Jordan would one day like to run his own music festival, have a six pack (even if only for one week) and says his dream brief would be to run KFC’s social media. Good luck with the six pack with a client like that!

Having already worked client-side with many of the team, Jordan’s transition to Dynam has hit all the right notes and he has quickly established great team relationships, as well as becoming a familiar face on some of our biggest accounts.

If you are interested in how Dynam may be able to help your business, please get in touch or give us a call at 01463 233692.