A Fond Farewell picture

I’m not going to lie, it’s not been the Summer I was expecting to have - I spent last summer redecorating my room and working in a catering tent. My usual breaks from University life consist of project after part time job after project after part time job, trying to keep myself busy before I go back to Glasgow to pick up my joint honours studies in Digital Media and Sociology, and work on the university’s social media. I never thought that my email asking if I could come in and learn about the real-world life of digital marketing would lead to a six-week paid internship, but now it’s been over two months since I made that first contact with Karen and Eleanor, and my six weeks has flown by.

During my time at Dynam, I’ve learnt a lot about digital and content marketing, and had a lot of different kinds of work experience - having never worked in an office before, it was a learning curve. An unexpected bonus has been the changing of my sleep schedule from the student lifestyle to something more sociable and healthy - the days are so long now! At Dynam, I’ve gained incredibly useful experience in working with many tools and applications, such as Google Adwords and Analytics, Bing places, Craft CMS, and Facebook Business Manager, including campaigns and boosted posts. I have learnt more about audiences and targeting, local SEO and PPC, spent days doing data cleansing and creating competitor analysis reports, and put my skills to use in creating more formal social media content for businesses and companies.

I ran my own three-week campaign to raise awareness of Dynam, designed by Sarah, on social media and the Google display and search networks. As the rest of the marketing team spends so much time working on our clients, our own marketing can sometimes take a back seat. As of August 25th, this campaign has gathered over 196,000 impressions across the Highlands and Islands, and has driven more traffic to the Dynam website.

There’s so much more I’d like to say, but I’ll close with my six weeks of internship stats:

  • 34 weekdays

  • 9 Instagram posts

  • 1 mock video conference with Tim Berners-Lee

  • 1 failed Facebook campaign

  • 12 successful Facebook campaigns/posts/ads

  • 1 Google Display Ad campaign

  • 1 Google Search ad campaign

  • 2 social media cover images changed

  • 1 Retweet from Duran Duran

  • 1 Facebook page name change

  • 2.3% increase in Facebook page likes

  • 1 client meeting

  • 1 workshop

  • 3 blog posts

  • 1 awful avatar

  • 3 months’ social media content written

  • 8 different desks

  • 6 weeks of invaluable experience

  • 1 big thank you from me to Dynam