A very special branding project

In July, Dynam gained a special new client...

Dear Dynam,
Christmas is so ‘done’. It’s too traditional, every year it’s the same old thing. I think for 2016 it needs a boost. I want to rebrand Christmas.
S. Claus

Stage 1 - The Workshop

Soon after receiving Santa’s plea for help, we invited Santa and his top elves in for a branding workshop, using the brand wheel to guide the conversation.

We examined the rational and emotional aspects of Christmas, the target audience - not forgetting people in hot countries and those who speak different languages - and the personality that Santa wants Christmas to have in the future.

Stage 2 - The Internal Process

The workshop gave us a really clear understanding of what Santa wanted to achieve - a new name and identity for Christmas. Next, we had our in-house Clear Thinking session, bringing together the diverse skills of our team to discuss the issue and come up with solutions. We went back to Santa with three options:

  1. Twinklemas - shine love on your nearest and dearest
  2. X24 - 24 extra-special hours of gifts and celebrations
  3. Happyday - a special time for you and your loved ones

Stage 3 - Research

Santa knew that this move could be quite controversial so we recommended some market testing of the proposed names. We ran some focus groups and did an online questionnaire to find out which name the important people - people like you - preferred.

Stage 4 - Visual Work Begins

Well, people LOVED our first suggestion. We had a winner! Next up was getting the look and feel right, so we went back to our notes from the workshop and a few words stood out: sparkly, bright, cheery and fun.

Stage 5 - Promoting the new brand

By now you’re probably thinking, ‘That looks great - but why haven’t I seen it around?’ Well, it takes time to get any new brand out there, and you need a proper marketing strategy. By the time we’d got the name and the visuals perfected it was already November, so Santa decided to delay the big launch until 2017.

We’ve almost finished the new Twinklemas website, and we’re starting an online marketing campaign in January to help drive traffic towards it. We’re giving Santa and his elves a specially made brochure in fire-proof packaging to drop down people’s chimneys to help spread the word. We’ve got updated versions of the most popular carols ready to go on YouTube and we’ve been in touch with John Lewis so that they can get their advert right next year. It’s been a busy time in the Dynam office!

Santa has given us permission to share the new name with you - giving you the chance to be early adopters!

To learn more about our workshops visit: dynam.co.uk/twinklemas