Is That Code for "Don't Use It"? picture

As a design agency with numerous clients dealing in a wide rage of print products, we often get requests to add QR codes to printed material. But after the 2010-2011 initial boom, the novelty of QR codes is dwindling. And for the design side of the studio it could not come quick enough. (It’s not trendy anymore to design a whole campaign around a QR code.)

It is not just the unsightly black and white square that can affect the design of marketing material – the technology of it is causing much frustration to users. There is a wide range of QR code reader apps available on your smartphone, but finding one that works for yours can be tricky. After it has downloaded onto your phone there is also the problem of skipping past all the adverts and getting the app to load. Once you’ve found one you’re happy with, getting it to work on every QR code you want to read can also be a time consuming dance of moving your phone back and forth, up and down, to get the box on your screen to match the box on your code. Surely, in the time it has taken to do this you could have typed in the web address, which will almost always be alongside the QR code anyway!

A QR code can also affect your brand. By using a QR code you are actively asking your customers to come to your website using their mobile. But what happens when they get there and your site is not responsive for mobile devices? This can put people off and affect faith in your brand. The link that is created can also be a delicate thing; if you are creating and printing material with a QR code yourself, printing can move slightly, throwing the whole code so it can’t be read. Not very fair to the customer trying to use it to get to an offer on your website.

The space that a QR code needs on your collateral monopolises valuable sales space. 93% of shoppers are influenced by social media, yet only 14% trust advertisements. So it would be more profitable for you to use this space on your marketing material for your social media icons. For examples of how QR codes could considerably affect your marketing campaigns check out this link: