Robert's take on Social Media Day picture

Our summer office intern, Robert Mair, has just finished his first year at Glasgow University studying History, Politics and Philosophy. He’s spending some time with Dynam over the summer, helping out with admin, answering the phones, research and social media. We let him loose on our popular blog page - so here’s his take on the importance of Social Media Day!

As social media changes the way we live our lives, it’s also changing the way businesses market their products, as newspaper and television companies find themselves drawn towards an inescapable orbit around the stars of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. The once great stars of traditional media are already fading as demand for their services is consumed by the online world, and recent global statistics confirm the established dominance of digital media over its rivals. Facebook has 2.19bn active users monthly; Instagram has 1bn, having seen 20% growth in only 8 months; in five years, Youtube’s viewership has grown tenfold, and is about to surpass television in the US. In other words, social media now represents the single biggest platform in the world, for anything, ever.

Rapid growth in social media usage is paralleled by innovation in marketing. Video is burgeoning across every platform. On average, there are 8bn daily video views across Facebook; by 2019, 80% of the planet’s internet traffic is predicted to come from video; this week, the prospective financial gains of video have been recognised by Instagram, which has introduced its own long-form video streaming service to rival Youtube. Targeted advertising can harness these numbers in more lucrative ways than ever before - to bypass video marketing is to miss the latest crest of the social media tsunami.

Closer to home, UK Facebook sees 30m daily users on mobiles alone. That means any marketing campaign worth its salt must target users who consume media on the go. And with one in five people regular users, UK Twitter trumps the circulation of any newspaper.

World Social Media Day brings an opportunity to reflect on the social and commercial advantages created by the emergence of social media. The prospective gains in both aspects of life are exciting, and ever-changing. The world is more connected than ever before, and these connections present new markets to explore, new methods, and new challenges. While immersion in this tantalising new world is vitally important for business success, we should never forget the value of personal interaction in the offline world.