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Times may still be tough, but more and more Dynam clients are realising that to stay on top, strong brand presence and innovative marketing is essential.

We’re also seeing a shift in the types of marketing that are being pushed forward and it’s no surprise that on-line marketing is coming very much to the fore. If the communication revolution is upon us, then we need to be armed.

These days, more businesses are waking up to the fact that there’s no point having a powerful brand and marketing materials if your on-line presence is a let-down – your web presence has to be professional, engaging, memorable and more, if it’s going to attract attention and get people interested in what you’ve got to offer.

When it comes to websites, design and build is only the beginning. When that’s done, there’s all the challenge and fun of getting to grips with key technical issues like search engine optimisation, on-line marketing and social media. If these terms sailed by us in the past, it’s time to get on board for the future – there won’t be any room for dinosaurs.

At a recent web seminar, the Dynam delegates were interested when the following questions were asked:

  • Are you regularly creating remarkable content?
  • Are you optimizing your content for search and social media?
  • Are you promoting your content via all channels including social media?
  • Are you converting as many visitors into leads and sales as you can?

If Dynam was confident it could tick most if not all of those boxes, we guessed it came down to getting the content right and getting found. A couple of interesting statistics also made us sit up –

55% more website visitors for companies that blog"


46% of companies who blog have got revenue because of their blog."

So, if the online gurus are to be believed, a blog will change a website from an online brochure to a living, breathing hub for your marketplace – as long as it’s kept fresh, with new content created on a regular basis.

No doubt this is music to the ears of Dynam’s web team Steve Abraham and John Clark – our own children of the web revolution.