As part of the ongoing multi-million-pound redevelopment of Inverness Castle into a world-class visitor attraction, we created the 'Spirit of the Highlands' brand.

The goal was to establish a symbolic, inclusive brand that would promote the Highlands to the rest of the UK and abroad. We were tasked with establishing an emotive brand that would appeal to both locals and visitors while being simple enough to appeal to a wide range of audiences and strong enough to work across print, digital, and merchandise.

We designed a brand that captures the region's spirit and heart, putting a modern spin on a traditional Celtic design approach to highlight the themes of people, music, language, flora and fauna, and land and sea.

Our wonderful in-house Illustrator created bespoke images of historical personalities such as Robert the Bruce, Mary Queen of Scots, and Flora MacDonald, as well as dual-language brand development to include Gaelic. On the hoardings that currently surround Inverness Castle while the renovation is taking place, these illustrations have been utilised to tell the stories of historical Scottish landmarks.

To aid in the rollout of 'Spirit of the Highlands,' we also prepared a brand book for the client and gave examples of brand applications across digital and print channels.

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