We run bespoke workshops for an increasing number of our clients. Our workshops cover a whole range of topics from name generation, branding and brand strategy, to websites, marketing collateral and marketing planning – or anything else that’s keeping you awake at night and needs an objective outside perspective.

The outputs from our workshops vary, depending on the client and the specific project they are working on. For example, it could be a report that forms the basis of a client’s marketing strategy, outlining key target markets and key messages, or giving us a robust base from which to evolve and develop your brand. A powerful, effective brand works at many levels to promote your product or service. This means that while the logo is important, it’s only one element of the overall perception of your organisation and its ability to deliver. We recognise the value of developing an overarching style that encompasses graphic treatment, typography, colour suites and imagery that can be applied across all marketing materials, from adverts to social media graphics to the company website.

Who are Clear Thinking workshops for?

Any sized existing business or business startup

Whether you’re a marketing expert or entirely new to branding, we can tailor the content to suit the needs and goals of your company and your experience level.

Who leads the workshop?

Depending on the type of workshop you need, every session is lead by two or three members of the Dynam team who specialise in marketing, design or web development.