Company Background

Avisu – a combination word suggesting Aviation Support – offers technical expertise in all areas of Air Traffic Management, developing solutions that balance high business performance with optimum safety delivery. The company analyses R&D, compliance, performance, reporting, environmental awareness and regulation in the context of costs, resources and profit. Its objective is to solve contemporary challenges whilst simultaneously creating future paradigms for the air traffic industry.

Avisu project image 1

The Brief

Dynam was tasked with a complete rebrand, including the logo, and a new website. An overhaul of the written content was necessary to attract two distinct audiences – people within the industry, and visitors looking for consultancy services, who were at risk of being alienated by the specific technical content. With no other clients in the sector, Dynam rose to the challenge of creating a credible brand and identity for a specialist technical company, while on its own learning curve!

Avisu project image 3

Design Elements

The original logo, based around a globe image, did not convey the highly specific nature of the company offer, so Dynam drew inspiration from flight images and pilot stripes to create a modern, sleek look that demonstrated professionalism and high levels of expertise.

Dynam also designed all the diagrams, reconfigured the user journey and experience, and created a bank of illustrations and photography to help Avisu promote the business, and Dynam to develop future marketing campaigns.

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