In response to the continuing challenges faced by the housing market, Tulloch Homes, long-standing client of Dynam, was keen to introduce a lower cost option for first time buyers.

City Style project image 2
City Style brochures.

The style of the properties is more contemporary in feel – a range of one and two bedroom homes offering modern, fresh and easy living spaces – and importantly, giving people the opportunity to get their foot on the ladder. Because the properties constitute a slightly different product to a typical Tulloch Home, it was essential this was reflected in the advertising and marketing.

Dynam took up the challenge by first coming up with a modern identity, and after lots of ideas had been thrown in the pot, City Style came out the winner. It was decided to promote City Style as an independent brand, reinforcing the offer of a different product, with the Tulloch Homes name used as support.

City Style project image 4

To go with the upbeat brand, the City Style properties, at Milton of Leys, come with a smart address – Upper East Side. Dynam developed the new brand using strong colours to create striking advertising materials that reflected the young, aspirational profile of the target market. The result was a fresh, vibrant image that has successfully stimulated sales since its launch.

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