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Jo Adams Consultancy asked Dynam to develop a website to showcase her business, which specialises in all aspects of HR – from consultancy and support through to coaching and development.

Starting from the proposition that people make the workplace, the design had to reflect both the vital role of sound HR management, and the personal qualities and experience of Jo herself, whose initiatives and pro-active thinking play a major role in solving HR problems.

Dynam developed a logo with a neat graphic device built from the M in Adams, to suggest two people linking hands – an image that emphasises the importance of communication and harmony within the workplace, which Jo Adams works to help clients achieve – and maintain. The strapline –

‘Practical - Personal – Productive’

works with the logo to stress the key characteristics of the Jo Adams methodology and the results they achieve. The colours, based on shades of cool blues and warm browns, convey a sense of professionalism, security and confidence.

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