Dynam was asked to develop the brand and website for Let’s Eat Glasgow, a not-for-profit restaurant festival and pop-up market which first took place in 2015.

The brand needed to communicate the vision of the festival’s organisers: to redefine Glasgow's culinary reputation by promoting great local restaurants, and improve the general wellbeing of people in the city through education and awareness.

The brand centres around this ‘field to fork’ notion – helping to increase understanding about where our food comes from and how it gets from the ground onto our plates. Over 7,000 people attended the festival over two days.

Let's Eat Glasgow project image 1
Let's Eat Glasgow project image 2
Let's Eat Glasgow project image 3


The latest CSS techniques were used to create the illusion of different food types being flipped on the fork.

Most of the graphical elements such as icons and logos are rendered in vector format (SVG) on modern browsers, ensuring effective upscaling. This is particularly noticeable on hi-res displays such as the retina display on the Apple iPad.

The site employs modern coding techniques for fast delivery of pages in a responsive manner. The loading of javascript, images and certain webfonts is performed asynchronously as these actions will typically slow down the delivery of a web page. This way, the response to the web page request is speedy, and the delivery of the text content and base stylesheets is prioritised.

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