It’s always exciting when Dynam gets the chance to work with a brand new company starting from scratch.

That’s exactly the opportunity that arose when we were approached by Michael Surmon, an outdoor adventure enthusiast, to launch his campervan business.

Outthere Campers project image 1
The logo.
Outthere Campers project image 2
Campervan showing the Outthere van livery out in the wild.

Following briefings with the client to determine the business objectives and target market, Dynam worked on developing a name and visual concept, which centred on the enthusiasm and drive of the company owner, the wild Highland landscapes – and the sports pursued by the target market, which include surfing, snowboarding, skiing, climbing and windsurfing.

Outthere Campers project image 3
Marketing material.

As well as the brand and logo – a silhouette of sporters in action – the Dynam team has worked on campervan and motorhome liveries, a range of exhibition materials including banners and marketing collateral.

Outthere Campers project image 4
The Outhere Campervans website.

We also designed and built a happening, lively website, showcasing the campervans and the luxury motorhome aimed at family adventurers. It also includes features such as a regular blog, picture gallery and tours round the vehicles.

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