In April 2020, we were asked by to launch a digital marketing campaign to promote local businesses and encourage people to experience Orkney by purchasing craft, food and drink products. Here’s what we did.

The challenge

Anyone who has visited Orkney will attest to its beautiful scenery and welcoming locals. The collection of 70 islands that make up Orkney are home to many businesses who rely on tourists to thrive. However, when the threat of the coronavirus pandemic made it necessary to impose travel restrictions, the tourism industry ceased overnight, threatening the livelihoods of these food, drink and craft producers. It also put a halt on their usual attendance at trade and consumer shows on the mainland. is a one-stop-shop for anyone living, working or visiting the Orkney Islands. From accommodation directories to event listings, there is something for everyone. Dynam was asked to develop a digital campaign to drive traffic to the website and highlight the many small businesses that are still open and selling online.

Our Campaign

Over two weeks, our Shop Orkney campaign included:

  • A paid-for social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram, including a retargeting phase that followed an awareness phase
  • Organic content on Twitter
  • Email marketing
  • Google display adverts to retarget those who had visited the website to go back and buy
  • Influencer collaboration to increase the campaign reach.

A specially-edited video was created by our design and animation team, using imagery of the islands and traditional Orcadian music to pull on the emotional ties that people might have with Orkney. We targeted people who had an existing connection with the islands, whether they had visited Orkney in the past, or who were planning to visit Orkney soon.

Our results

The campaign was an overwhelming success. Web page views to increased by 1,008% compared to the same period before the campaign went live, from 1,222 views to 13,540. We reached over 85,000 people via the social channels and our influencer content produced nearly 3,000 positive reactions.

Most importantly though, the campaign cast a spotlight on the talented food, drink and craft producers based in Orkney and helped promote a vital lifeline to business owners across the islands. One of the sellers had her busiest day ever of online sales while our campaign was running - some welcome good news during a challenging time.

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