Who are we?

How to sum up a company of 23 individuals? The things that make Dynam a great place to work are also what keep clients working with us over many months and years. We’re always striving to do things better and we take a huge amount of pride in doing excellent work for our clients. What’s equally as important is that we all enjoy doing it. We get on with the job in hand and we help each other out: no egos required.

Meet the Team

  • Sarah

    Senior Designer
  • Amy

    Account Director
  • Marge

    Finance and Systems Manager
  • Alan

    Digital and Web Manager
  • Karen

    Joint Managing Director
  • Charlene

    Office Manager
  • Charlie

  • Eleanor

    Joint Managing Director
  • Louise

    Senior Designer
  • Rory

    Business Development Manager
  • Nikita

    Senior Digital Account Manager
  • Gary

    Assistant Designer/Illustrator
  • Kirsty

    Digital Media Specialist
  • Jayne

    Brand and Content Specialist
  • Louise

    Senior Designer
  • John

    Senior Web Developer
  • Fiona

    Account Director
  • Carly

    Digital Account Manager
  • Gordon

  • Lisa

    Senior Account Manager
  • Lauren

    Account Executive
  • Catherine

    Digital Marketing Specialist
  • David

    Head of Design