Our Favourite Christmas Adverts for 2020

As we know all too well, this year has been like no other. But lo and behold, there is a flickering Christmas light at the end of the tunnel. While many things may be different during this festive period, Christmas adverts are still being brought out in full force. We at Dynam want to ease you into the Christmas spirit by sharing some of the team’s favourite Christmas adverts of 2020. Enjoy!

An Evening with AbracaDaisy & The Incredible Lucy (Argos)

Argos was one of the first to release their Christmas advert this year and it’s still my favourite! It brings the Christmas sparkle and magic which we're all looking for this year, and I love how it shows the old tradition of circling what you want in the Argos catalogue too. No mention of coronavirus which is always a bonus - although is Grandma watching from the balcony a subtle nod to show that people might be celebrating Christmas at a distance this year? Either way, it works for me!

- Kirsty

No Naughty List (Tesco)

I like that they have touched on everyone's experience of this past year without making it a tear-inducing advert. They are inviting viewers to take it easy on themselves and give in to a proper treat, something that we are all in need of in some way.

I feel comforted that it goes against those very British ways of 'keep calm and carry on' and 'appearances matter'. This year has been a very vulnerable year for everyone and we are all simply trying to get through. Also, they have Britney's 'Oops I Did it Again' song as their track and we all love a bit of Britney, don't we?!

- Nikita

And I think to myself... that’s the 2020 LEGO holiday season ad! (LEGO)

I stumbled upon it completely by accident but I LOVE IT. If I'm being honest, I think I like it so much because it's a little bit silly (actually that's an understatement, it's pretty bonkers). After this year, I am definitely resonating with more light-hearted content and for me, this advert is pure escapism. I love the subtle nods to gender equality, equal marriage and inter-generational play - Lego conveys really well that their products can be enjoyed by anyone, at any age. But overall, it's just a fun, quirky colourful piece of content that injects some excitement into an otherwise dull year.

- Amy

The Gravy Song (Sainsbury's)

In just 60 seconds, Sainsbury's has captured what Christmas means to me - family, food and silly traditions which you can't help but laugh at. I loved the use of the phone conversation as the audio - it added an incredible level of intimacy and captured the pre-Christmas excitement and family jokes, along with reflecting delicately on the fact that the majority of our contact with family members this year has been at a distance. Sainsbury’s has managed to evoke the feelings this season brings, and they've done so beautifully.

- Catherine

John Lewis 2020 Christmas Advert Alternative (Nimbusbeds)

When it comes to Christmas adverts, I love a good cry as much as I love dogs. A combination of both? What more could you want!

- Charlene

The show must go on (Amazon)

I understand that there is a standard playbook for a Christmas advert. Some lovable character is going through hardship but is saved in the end with some overriding message about goodwill to all men. However, I really like how Amazon is showing how human perseverance (and Amazon products) have gotten everyone through 2020. It’s a Christmas advert with a 2020 Amazon twist on it. I understand it's ironic for Amazon to be telling other people to persevere through hardship when they've benefitted so greatly throughout the pandemic but all in all it’s still a very good Christmas advert.

- James

I think Amazon needs a mention. I especially love the ending when the community put on the lights to shine on her performance. The show must go on!

- Sarah

Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial 2020 (Coca-Cola)

I love how it shines a gentle light on the ones who will be working away from their families at Christmas - like some of my family members do or have done in the offshore industry. I like how they have suggested that we can sometimes get a bit stressed about what presents to give, or get lost in the hustle and bustle when really, it's the time we spend and who we spend it with that counts. I also love the tagline they use: ‘This Christmas, give something only you can give’. The Coca-Cola trucks represent the beginning of Christmas for me and I love how they are so consistent with them every year - kind of like a tradition.

- Lauren

Woodie’s Christmas Advert 2020 (Woodie’s)

I found this advert really relatable and I love the community feel to it. It is such a subtle way to promote their brand, not overselling but instead, letting the story be the main focus, as well as encouraging you to do something nice for your neighbours. No coronavirus references but it keeps within the parameters we are now accustomed to. Not a tearjerker, just a lovely message!

- Louise

Big on a Christmas you can believe in (Lidl)

As I'm pretty much The Grinch when it comes to Christmas, but Lidl's effort this year appealed to my dark sense of humour - as well as my love of jumpers. I also love the fact it plays on the messaging of other brands, like Kevin the carrot.

- Laura

Honourable mentions

Here’s some other Christmas adverts that deserve an honourable mention!

Inner Child (McDonalds)

From our family to yours (Disney)

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