St Kilda and super web contact forms: 2015 so far at Dynam

One of the best things about our line of work is the variety of projects and clients that come our way. So far this year we’ve been working with a large public sector body, a brand new start-up and an established social media business. Some of the projects we’ve been working on are still top secret, but there are a few that we can share with you.

Marketing strategy

We’ve been asked by some new clients to audit their existing marketing communications and advise on how they can make improvements.

We talk to them about their business goals, and set clear targets for their marketing activities. We look at all the communication touch points with their customers, what their competitors are doing and analyse their social and Google analytics data. Usually our recommendations include advice on SEO, website design and content, social media, online and offline advertising and PR. Every client and every industry is different however.

We carried out one such audit for Sea Harris, a company that offers boat trips to St Kilda, and we’re now building them a website to support their recent purchase: a new, faster boat which will make the trip smoother and quicker for passengers.

As an aside, the history of St Kilda is fascinating. This remote and beautiful group of Atlantic islands supported human life for over 2000 years until 1930, when the remaining inhabitants requested that the government remove them from the island. It’s a 2.5-hour boat journey from Harris in the Outer Hebrides, but from reading the Trip Advisor reviews and seeing the photos provided by Sea Harris, it seems like trip-of-a-lifetime stuff. One to add to the bucket list.

Web design and build

Website for Munro and Noble

The first website to go live in 2015 was one for Munro and Noble, a solicitors and estate agents based in Inverness.

Our relationship with Munro and Noble began when we carried out a logo and brand refresh for them during 2014. We were asked to develop the new brand across some advertising, then to update their website to be consistent with the more modern look.

Business manager Gordon McIntosh was keen for the new site to convey the firm’s friendly approach. The goal was to inform clients and potential clients without overloading them with information and legal jargon. The site had to be extremely user-friendly.

We created a responsive website that puts Munro and Noble’s services at the forefront, with clear calls to action on each page and easily accessible contact forms. Users can request a call back if they prefer: another nod to the firm’s modern and approachable manner. We integrated a payment system that allows customers to quickly and easily pay their invoices online. Munro and Noble is the first firm in Inverness to offer this service.

St Kilda photo credits: Jim Richardson