Stand out in your customers’ minds with a powerful brand!

No matter what size your business is, and whether you are customer focused or a B2B service provider, you’ll benefit from developing and maintaining a recognisable brand. If you think your brand is just your logo, then think again! Branding goes beyond just the simple name.

A brand consists of a collection of attributes including your marketing strategy, unique selling points (USPs), and your core company values.

The most powerful and enduring brands are built from the heart

- Howard Schultz, Director of Starbucks

If you actively showcase your brand – from your advertising campaign through to your customers’ experience when they pick up the phone or walk into your office – this gives your brand an identity. You want to be able to stand out in your customer's mind – so use your brand to make sure you are their first point of contact or their go-to shop.

Benefit from branding

Branding helps you to catch the eye of your customers and be distinct from your competitors – this is also known as brand name recall. Your brand can help you to create a personality or an identity which your customers can relate to – for example, share what goes on behind the scenes, or give your customers an insight into your team members. Your brand is there to build trust and familiarity between you and your customers.

Define your brand

Think about what makes your business unique. Pinpoint all the individual aspects which are the key differentiators to your business – this should help you to define your brand. Is it your location? Your staff experiences? Your unique product or service offering? Or something else? Once you know your unique selling points, flaunt them!

Level up with brand consistency

You might think you’ve mastered your marketing strategy and your sales are growing - but are you really getting the right message across? The next level of marketing is brand consistency. Are you presenting the right profile? Ensure you don’t portray conflicting personalities with your brand. This only confuses people, puts them off - and your brand starts to work against you.

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room

- Jeff Bezos, Director of Amazon

Not only should your brand be consistent throughout, it should also be consistent between platforms – for example, have you achieved synergy between your offline and online advertising? Check that what you’re tweeting about is in line with your local newspaper advert!

Consistency is key! To ensure this happens, all of your marketing materials should feature the same logo, slogans, fonts, and general color scheme. It’s important to coordinate every facet of your marketing campaign so your visual identity is easily recognisable through every communication with the public.

Clear thinking branding workshops

Confident you’ve mastered the art of brand consistency? If you’re unsure about your brand and how it’s perceived by others, Dynam runs bespoke workshops which allow businesses to create a brand from scratch or give the existing one a refresh. A powerful brand is key - never underestimate what it can do for your business!