The Small steps you can take to become a more sustainable business

With the COP26 conference taking place in Glasgow this month, sustainability is, unsurprisingly, a hot topic right now. Today, more than ever, consumers want to know where their products have come from, opting to invest in brands who have committed to being more sustainable and even willing to pay more for products.

Businesses and consumers are focusing more on how they can reduce their carbon footprint and are pledging to reduce waste and source products, materials and ingredients more sustainably, with companies like Coca-Cola starting to make changes to their production line.

“We see plant-based plastics as playing a critical role in our overall PET mix in the future, supporting our objectives to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce our reliance on ‘virgin’ fossil fuels and boost collection of PET in support of a circular economy.” Nancy Quan, Chief Technical and Innovation Officer, The Coca‑Cola Company. “

Becoming a more sustainable brand doesn't have to be a huge challenge though. With small changes, you can start making a bigger impact.

Here are our top tips for becoming more eco-conscious in 2021:

Digital Dates

The pandemic has taught us many things, one being that business meetings can function as usual (if you take yourself off mute that is)! Online platforms such as Zoom and Google Meets have not only removed the need for travel but can also be more effective too. By opting to have your client meetings online where you can, you will not only cut down on travel emissions, you’ll save your company money too

Promo items

Ahead of your next meeting or event, take a closer look at the promotional items that you are offering your clients. You can easily swap out your classic branded plastic pens for a recycled coffee cup and reduce the amount of throwable plastic waste. Not only will your clients pay more attention to the promotional item, but they are more likely to use it and carry it with them to their next meeting, giving you extra visibility to new audiences as well as some much-needed eco kudos!

Business Cards

Did you know that you can make your business cards digital? Don’t worry old hands, you still have a card but with a difference. E-business cards feature a chip inside that can wirelessly send your businesses information to your clients phone with a tap or scan of the QR code. The client will automatically receive a pre-populated (personalised by you) contact field with all of your information that they can save. This reduces the amount of business cards needed for your business, saving you money and ensuring that the client won’t lose your details. Most importantly though, you will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions that would have been used to print hundreds of business cards. And if that all feels too technical, LinkedIn works just as well too!

Embracing sustainability into your business will not only help the planet, but can also enhance your brand image and open up new audiences. By making small greener steps, you can work towards your goals and help do your part to take care of our world.

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