What is a ubiquitous chip?

One of Dynam’s trusty designers, David, splits his time between our Inverness and Glasgow offices. When he’s in Glasgow he works away in the West End, joining us for the weekly production meeting via Skype from what used to be his computer screen in the corner of the studio. It all works brilliantly until we bring out the cake, which unfortunately for David (but fortunately for the rest of us) isn’t so easy to share across the World Wide Web.

David’s been working on some really exciting projects for us in Glasgow, in particular for iconic restaurants The Ubiquitous Chip (fondly known as The Chip) and Stravaigin, both owned by Colin Clydesdale and Carol Wright.

Interactive PDF

In anticipation of increased numbers of visitors to Glasgow during the Commonwealth Games, Colin and Carol wanted an interactive brochure that promoted their restaurants: not solely as two of the best places to eat in Glasgow, but also as great places to do business and entertain clients. The brochure focused on the different types and sizes of private dining areas available, with the proposition that an afternoon or evening spent in the venues would give corporate guests a memorable Glasgow experience.

The PDF brochure was designed to be used primarily on tablets and smart phones, with lots of captivating full screen images and large text. This was emailed out to a select list of influential individuals and blue chip companies.

Stravaigin rebrand

Stravaig is an old Scots word meaning 'to wander aimlessly without intent'. This reflects the relaxed, quirky, upcycling concept of the restaurant and the international flavours of the food. Stravaigin was at the forefront of food provenance: ‘think global, eat local’ has been their maxim for 20 years. In an increasingly crowded market, the business owners felt the need to strengthen their position with a stronger brand.

We wanted to give it a well-travelled personality to link in with the meaning of the word ‘stravaig’. Dynam created a modern, progressive logo for the restaurant which has retained a rustic quality. This helps it to stand out in the busy space where it has first been implemented: a poster campaign in Glasgow’s Underground.