Branding is the first point of communication with your market. Gaining competitive advantage requires comprehensive knowledge of your product or service, its market objectives and position, and a strategy that exploits its unique values. So that’s exactly what we do: we get to know you and your business, inside out. Once we’ve done that, we work with you to create a new brand, or revamp your existing one, giving your business a refreshed image to attract positive attention.

Our branding services don’t stop there - we also offer the following:

Brand audit
A thorough examination of your product, service or organisation brand, and its effectiveness in making the right first impression. We investigate your brand’s visual and emotional impact, how it’s been applied to existing marketing materials, and what steps could be taken to give it the wow factor

Consumer research

Dynam’s individually tailored market and consumer research has been successfully applied on behalf of several clients, gathering the right information from the right people to formulate meaningful results.

Tone of voice and messaging
If your messages aren’t reaching the right people or you’re struggling to come up with a strong, dynamic description of what your business does, our marketing team and copywriter can work together to help you stand out from the crowd.

Brand guidelines
Many of our clients already have an existing logo, but over time the brand has been diluted through poor regulation, or a change in company focus. Dynam is experienced in creating everything from basic branding guidelines to full-blown brand books. These guidelines can be used both within your business and supplied to anyone external who is using your brand.

Name generation
The right name has the power to immediately communicate brand positioning for a product, a service or your organisation. Dynam allies creative techniques to solid background knowledge, market aspirations and objectives to develop names that tick the boxes for personality, memorability and originality.

Strategy and planning
We examine your long-term goals and ensure your business has the branding tools in place to achieve your objectives. An increasing number of clients find that our branding workshops challenge existing thinking: beginning the strategic journey with the end user ensures that our clients are quick to react to changes in consumer habits.

Brand positioning and values
Do you know what makes you different from your competitors? Would all your customers describe the same unique advantages? Dynam can help define your brand position and highlight the unique selling points that strike a chord with your ideal client.

Branding internal and external spaces
Brands don’t have to be contained within websites or brochures. Your brand should be apparent to customers as soon as they see one of your vehicles or walk into your office. If you’re unsure about how to achieve this, Dynam can help. We can supply visuals developed from a practical perspective - our long-standing relationships with signwriters and printers mean we understand the cost implications and practicalities of using different materials and can work within budget.