With experience across the board, we can help businesses increase the impact of their offline marketing activities, from literature and collateral to billboards, from press and radio items to PR and experiential marketing. We can do the same for your online activities - website, social media and advertising. But what really matters is that we don’t work on offline and online materials in isolation - we get them to work together. By playing to the offline and online strengths of your proposition, you can deliver a stronger, more coherent message that speaks to your target markets whatever media they’re looking at. Dynam can help you analyse the strengths and weaknesses in your marketing campaign, address missed opportunities and build the credibility of your message.

Whether it’s getting you set up online, creating a one-off campaign, or working with you on an ongoing basis, Dynam makes sure you get noticed. Alongside the creative development, Dynam works with clients to place the campaign in the most appropriate media, using intelligent media-buying strategies to consolidate its success.

Strategic Planning

Strategic marketing advice is a vital collaborative process, identifying and then placing our client’s needs and aspirations within an appropriate marketing framework.

In-depth knowledge of the specifics of your business enables Dynam to demonstrate the role marketing plays in your promotion, advertising and communication activities. By identifying target markets, brand values and key competitors, we can formulate your communication needs and objectives, pinpoint key messages, and develop a strategy that gets them across to the right people. The creation of a marketing strategy can also include an audit of current activity to help build a marketing strategy that is specific to your business needs.

This detailed, considered approach is the anchor point for any Dynam project – because gathering information and intelligent application is the most important starting point for everything we do.

Digital Marketing

Social media

Dynam works with multiple SM platforms - including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat. In company with many other marketing businesses and professionals, we take social media seriously, seeing it as a key resource in helping to grow your business. It can help you prospect for new customers and nurture relationships. Finding out which platforms are most successful in your area of operations means learning about your customers, and which SM sites they frequent.

Dynam runs targeted clear thinking workshops for an increasing number of clients on a range of social media topics, including online marketing strategy. It’s a solid, informative introduction to the power of social media and how it can take your business forward.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Although often overlooked, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has the potential of significantly impacting your bottom line. Organic sources are typically responsible for more than 50%* of traffic to a website.

SEO refers to the process of getting the best results out of Google and other search engines, using all the free (organic) sources available. With as frequently as Google changes their ranking algorithms and search features, and with the competitive landscape constantly evolving, SEO becomes an ongoing focus. Regardless of whether your site has never had SEO attention, it has suffered from a penalty, or you’re looking for specialised Local, Business, Mobile or App performance boosts, Dynam can help.

Far more than just SERP results (ranking on search engine results pages), a business’ SEO strategy ought to address how to best utilise search engine features, such as business listings, maps and app stores.

*Dynam’s clients saw organic sources deliver 56% website traffic over the past year

Online Paid advertising

With tools which allow us to target specific personal interests, demographics and geographical areas, we can tailor your campaign on any of the social media platforms to suit the needs of your business. We provide online paid advertising services for Google, Bing and social media channels.

With paid for advertising, what Dynam brings to the table is not just the knowledge of the set up, running and optimising of the campaigns but also the creative edge and brand acumen. Internal collaboration is strong between the project manager, design team and copywriter, who all contribute to the process of developing, e.g. powerful graphics and videos, strong headlines and key messages that will make an impact online.

Content Creation

We help our clients develop clear and effective content strategies. This can start with an audit of existing owned content assets and then an analysis of the clients target audiences. This helps inform our game plan to hit the client’s objectives and engage with their audience.

Content isn’t just copywriting. It can be rich imagery, a quirky infographic, film or an animated short - all of which we love doing at Dynam. It has to be unique and align with your brand tone of voice.

Email marketing

Whether you’re looking to send a few event invites or a longer campaign, we can write and design e-flyers to suit.

As with all of our other campaigns, our email campaigns are crafted with the creative edge that Dynam is known so well for. Our email campaigns can promote brand awareness, educate or inform, or drive conversions, meeting your customers on their journey wherever they may be.


At Dynam, we always keep our eyes on the goal. Every marketing plan starts with objectives and key performance indicators, allowing us to measure results for each campaign. We go the extra mile in analysing the results and developing recommendations, making sense of the numbers so you don’t have to. We ensure each campaign builds on the success of the previous activities.