New Brand, New Us

Time for a Change

The last 12 months have been full of change for everyone here at Dynam. Our Glasgow team moved into stylish new offices in the city centre, we’ve welcomed new team members, and last but certainly not least, we’re now an employee-owned company! With so much change and excitement, it became increasingly apparent that our brand also needed to evolve. So, it’s out with the old and in with a bolder, more attention-grabbing look to represent our collective ambition for the future.

Some Branding Self-care

Since we were established, Dynam has gone through many different looks and changes. This time though, we wanted to develop a brand for ourselves that not only looked the part but also, at its core, reflected who we are and, most importantly, where we want to be. Branding is not just about look, although that is very important. Instead, it’s worth taking a big step back and looking at everything from a broader perspective, something we made the time to do for ourselves.

To start collecting the building blocks of our new brand, we asked ourselves a couple of questions:

How do we behave?

At Dynam, we strive to give all of our clients a level of service that we can be proud of. However, if you had asked each of us what that looked like, we all probably would have given a different answer. Therefore, it became important to us to set this in stone, so after a lot of soul-searching, we’ve decided upon the following three behaviours that reflect how we work with both our clients and each other:

  • We encourage continual collaboration

  • We create dynamic solutions

  • We nurture positive partnerships.

What are our values?

With our move to employee ownership, we felt it was important to agree on our values. If we do say so ourselves, we’re a rather nice bunch of people to work with, but again, what does that mean to our clients? The values we are taking forward are qualities everyone in Dynam has lived and breathed since day one, but having them down on paper helps us to set clear expectations for everyone we work with:

  • We’re calm and reliable

  • We’re vibrant and creative

  • We’re warm and empathetic.

Our New Visual Approach

With these foundations firmly established, our new design approach progressed quickly and seamlessly. The result is a well-considered, modern brand that visually tells our story.

A Lightbulb Moment with Colour Theory

Orange has been our colour for years. We know it’s polarising; some people love it, some people hate it. However, whilst we were keen to retain our orange, we also wanted to extend our colour palette to allow ourselves to be even more creative.

When deciding on our colour palette, we took the opportunity to incorporate colour theory into our new look based on our new values. Each set of values has its roots centred in each of our brand colours, ensuring that the sentiment behind our values is represented visually across all of our touchpoints.

A Mark of Approval

With our values intertwined within our colour palette, we wanted to embrace our behaviours visually too. Our logo up until now has been Dynam in written form, but with so many different platforms and mediums tending to favour this type of asset more, we knew it was time to embrace the challenge!

Our new mark combines our colour palette with elements that depict our behaviours, symbolising everything Dynam represents in a single graphic - like a stamp of approval!

Putting the capital ‘D’ back in Dynam

For years, Dynam was written all lowercase - but no longer! Although a subtle change, capitalising our name gives us a louder voice to make an immediate impression.

An Outstanding Result

At Dynam, we’re not ones to blow our own trumpets, but if you’ll allow us one tune, we’re really proud of our new brand. From start to finish, it has been a team effort, and by utilising every skill we have in our toolkit, we’ve created a cohesive look and feel that will propel us into a bright future.

If you’ve been inspired by our brand journey and want to start your own, we’d love to chat.

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