Dynam moves to employee ownership!

We’ve got some big news to share: Dynam is now an employee owned company!

Dynam has transitioned to an Employee Ownership Trust while continuing to operate and function as Dynam. Employee ownership is a natural next step in our journey, and we believe that this business model embodies the agency's culture and strengthens team continuity. Personnel changes are not planned; in fact, our team will feel more committed to and engaged with the company's performance and success.

Speaking about the move, co-Managing Director of Dynam, Eleanor Neilson, said:

“Karen and I have been considering the future of Dynam for a while. This is a great business doing fantastic work for a wide range of clients, both national and international. There’s every sign that we’re only going to build on that success, and that is largely down to the brilliant team we have, many of whom have been with us long-term.

“We chose the Employee Ownership route because we believe it embodies the culture of the agency and will strengthen team continuity, making everyone feel increasingly committed to and engaged with the success of the business going forward.”

Karen Green added:

“We did consider a sale to a third party but rejected that very quickly as it would undoubtedly have disrupted the way we work and may have jeopardised our culture and, importantly, the employment of our people.”

Dynam will continue to operate in accordance with the company values we hold dear, making the agency the first choice for our clients and delivering exceptional results through our unique blend of expertise.

It's an exciting time for Dynam, and we're confident that with the fantastic team we have in place, we'll continue to grow and flourish.

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