Marketing, Branding and Website Design At Highland Business Week 2018

We had a great time at the Highland Spotlight Exhibition talking to all the other businesses about everything branding, marketing and beyond! Don't worry if you missed us - here's a recap.

Our seminar | Branding, Marketing & Beyond!

We hosted the first seminar, ‘How To Be Seen From Space: Branding, Marketing & Beyond’ - and it was a sell-out! You may have missed out on a Dynam goodie bag, and lots of laughs, but we didn't want you to miss out on the crucial hints and tips.

Seminar attendees of the seminar were asked to imagine themselves as a company looking to market their space exploration trips to Mars. Their task was to think how they would approach marketing their service.

Our job was to guide them on their business journey and help them connect with our thinking on why we think certain branding, design and marketing practices would or wouldn’t work.

The Takeaways | Branding, Designing and Marketing Your Highland Business

Throughout the seminar we touched on several areas of the creative process. We discussed branding, design, web development and marketing - including search engine optimisation (SEO), traditional print media, social media and pay per click. Here are some of the key takeaways from our seminar:


  • One of the most important factors for brand success is consistency - it's the only way your customers become more familiar with your brand over time.
  • Everything about your brand should be simple, with no complication or oddity interrupting engagement with the brand, or how it's perceived.
  • Part of getting your customers' attention of your customers is to make your marketing strategies engaging and interactive. Your brand should reflect your personality.

Website Design & Development

  • Think about your user experience when you’re designing and creating your website. Think about where you want to drive the traffic and where the call to actions are.
  • Make sure your website is recognisable and unique to your business. Keep the look and feel of your site on-brand to promote consistency to your customers.
  • Responsiveness is vital. Think about cross-device functionality and how it's going to look when it's scaled up or down across different platforms.


  • Marketing strategy starts with the customer. Doing research and creating customer personas can help identify opportunities and keep your message consistent.
  • Marketing is often about trial and error - so don’t be afraid to try something new. Mistakes don’t mean failure - they’re an opportunity to learn and develop ideas.
  • It is imperative to track and analyse results. Doing this helps you make informed decisions and optimise your strategy as you take it forward.

What's Next For Your Business?

If you’re looking to inject a little rocket fuel into your brand or marketing strategy but are unsure of your next steps then you can contact us for guidance. Reach us online or by emailing us at

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