Project ECHO, which stands for 'Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes,' is a global initiative that allows the exchange of specialist expertise and best practice by offering online learning and support to workers across the health and social care sectors.

The Brief

With backing from the Scottish Government, Project ECHO approached Dynam about collaborating on the development of a bespoke website with 'app'-like behaviour to help inspire more health and social care professionals across the UK to participate in ECHO communities of practice and accomplish more learning.

What we did

User Interface

Dynam created a UI kit using Project ECHO's existing colour scheme as a basis to extend their visual brand over a digital medium. This allowed us to identify features like gradients and gentle curves that would complement the current brand and sector aesthetics.

We then focussed on the user interface features of the website. This involved choosing colours that contrasted and blended with the brand as well as recognising opportunities to showcase the call-to-action components.

User Experience

Dynam conducted a user experience analysis based on the data provided by Project ECHO. This included creating user journeys that fit the goals of Project ECHO and website visitors, as well as defining target audience personas.

The user portal was critical in determining what to develop and how to make it simple while being functional. This was then expanded into a detailed sitemap before we built desktop and mobile user prototypes to ensure the build was responsive.

“We got exactly what we asked for and felt that the things we needed were fully and easily understood by the team. A great collaboration with an end product which also acts as a 'digital improvement' goal in our wider strategy to support our partners.”

- Kirsty Bateson, Knowledge Exchange Manager and ECHO Development Lead.

The Results

Project ECHO now has its own website, which enables it to pursue organisational goals and achieve its objectives. The website allows users to sign up for Project ECHO activities, offers ECHO hub members special access to documents, and has the option to develop new web pages to promote awareness among the healthcare community, as well as the ability to create new and fresh content.

This has led members of the Scottish Government to praise our work with Project ECHO.

"It is an honour to be able to commend the Project ECHO team for the exceptional work they have done on the development and launch of their new website. This has the potential to become a fantastic resource for all of us in health and social care in Scotland and will do a great deal in helping to share the ethos of Project ECHO."

- Jason Andrew Leitch CBE FRCS
, National Clinical Director for the Scottish Government

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