The Scottish Childminding Association (SCMA) is the only organisation in Scotland dedicated to supporting professional childminders. Through funding, training and continual professional development, they provide a diverse range of support to their members and the wider childminding community.

The Brief

Since 2022, we’ve partnered with the brilliant SCMA to help them find new childminders in areas that need them most with multi-channel marketing campaigns. Having received funding from various public sector organisations to launch the recruitment drive, SCMA needed to find 225 new childminders within a strict set of eligibility criteria. It certainly was a challenge, but one the Dynam marketing team was more than able to take on.

What Dynam did

Recruiting rural Scotland

With the first recruitment drive campaign we participated in, SCMA needed to partner with an agency with the local expertise and knowledge of the rural regions required to recruit as many new childminders as possible. With a strong track record in recruitment campaigns within these areas, we researched and created target audiences based on SCMA’s eligibility criteria before launching the campaign live on social media for nine weeks, driving interested individuals to SCMA’s recruitment landing page.

Our campaign concept combined elements from children’s books, stories and pop culture with figures of speech from the working world, such as ‘Today’s meeting: growing a giant beanstalk!’. The campaign inspired would-be childminders to consider a new, meaningful career that provided a good work-life balance, particularly for those already caring for their own children.

To complement the campaign, we also ran advertisements on local and community radio stations, including our friends at Isles FM and Nevis Radio, enlisting a voice-over artist to narrate an advert aligned with the overarching campaign theme.

Expanding on Success

Building on the success of the rural campaign, we partnered with SCMA again to recruit professional childminders in urban areas across Scotland. This time, we created short social media clips featuring quotes and testimonials from current childminders who were excellent ambassadors of SCMA. We built upon the lessons learnt from the previous campaign, focusing our efforts on digital advertising and continually optimising the campaign's performance to ensure we achieved the most cost-effective results within the allocated budget.

Helping SCMA future-proof their marketing

To help set SCMA up for continued success, our digital marketing gurus provided the team with social media and Meta training, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain the momentum generated by the campaigns.

The Results

Tasked by SCMA to gain 230 childminders from the campaign our recruitment campaigns, received 449 eligible inquiries.

With new professional childminders being onboarded every day and improved brand awareness for SCMA, it's been a pleasure to collaborate with this amazing organisation and help individuals across the country to begin a meaningful, rewarding career in professional childminding.

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