One of the largest air industry events on the aerospace calendar, The Farnborough International Airshow brings together companies from over 48 countries - 70% of exhibitors come from outside the UK. In 2018, Farnborough hosted 79 of the world’s top 100 aerospace companies, with operations in Space, Civil, Military, Manufacturing and many other fields.

HIE’s plan was to use the airshow as a showcase - to raise the profile of Highlands and Islands companies working in the aerospace field, and to create opportunities for businesses trying to break into the market, or test prototypes, to network and share common ground.

Dynam’s Involvement

In February 2018, following a rigorous four-month tendering process, Dynam won the contract to design and build the Highlands & Islands of Scotland Pavilion at Farnborough. The 51 sq m space had to host 17 participating companies from the region, with 38 representatives coming in over the five days of the show.

Dynam achieved stand-out status at this significant event by promoting the iconic character of the Highlands and Islands with the Dynam stag prominent, plus artwork celebrating Castle Stuart golf course and other Highland images. The design also created discrete areas of activity within the stand. As well as an informal open meeting space and separate cafe-style area, a more formal lounge area in the centre, available only by booking, facilitated more in-depth conversations between exhibitors and potential customers. A whisky tasting area, by invitation only, was another important element that stopped delegates in their tracks.


The event took place in July, with the stand receiving excellent feedback from airshow visitors and exhibitors, and succeeding in putting the Highlands and Islands aerospace companies on the international map. As a direct result of attending Farnborough, three companies won new business contracts.

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