Gordon & MacPhail project image 1
Private Collection box.

Dynam were delighted to be approached by prestigious distillers Gordon & Macphail, to work with the newly established re-brand and redesign a whole range of product lines.

The whisky industry is dynamic and highly visible and has lots of facets that can be incorporated into a rebranding strategy. The team has been working on redesigning bottle labelling and packaging, bringing everything in line with the new logo.

Private Collection label detail.

Our first brief was to work on the Private Collection – extremely rare malt whiskies, some from distilleries that no longer exist, that can fetch up to £2,000 per bottle.

Gordon & MacPhail project image 5
More box.

The challenge facing the design team has been to respect the traditions of the brand, while updating it to meet modern market demands, and creating designs sympathetic to the newly devised logo.

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