With superb natural resources, modern fabrication and port facilities, and a wealth of transferable skills from the oil and gas industry, the Highlands and Islands is fast becoming a world capital for renewable energy.

We were commissioned by Highlands & Islands Enterprise to create a strong and memorable display at Inverness Airport promoting the region’s prowess in renewables. In response, we created a display over two adjacent walls. One side featured a prominent thistle icon, flagging up the strong Scottish Highland character and clean environment which have made renewables such a success here. The second part of the display was given over to facts and figures – such as the fact that the Highlands is home to over 600 renewables-related business, as well as over 70% of its hydro-electricity.

The initial challenge was creating strong, arresting visuals on a computer screen that would have to be blown up to cover a wall! Trying to imagine how everything would look when it inhabited such a large space was only one hurdle – the next was ensuring the client could also see how it would look when translated from postage stamp size to full scale glory. The finished product a striking and memorable display.

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