One of Dynam’s partners, Eleanor, is from a family whose business is selling fish, so when the opportunity came along to work for Highland Fish we knew we wouldn’t, ahem, flounder.

Highland Fish project image 2

Highland Fish is an Inverness-based business that supplies meat, fish and accompaniments to restaurants. One of the owners, Billy, is a trained chef, who offers not only the freshest of local ingredients to his customers, but also advice on how to use them.

Highland Fish project image 4

The business wanted a slick and professional website that would illustrate the breath of their services on the homepage. We came up with a graphic based around a chopping board, featuring the types of ingredients that the company supplies.

Dynam also provided a content management system (CMS) for Highland Fish’s new website. This system has been designed in a way that saves time when the business owners need to update their pricing and offers.

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