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Highland Housing Alliance (HHA) is a unique development company dedicated to building a wide variety of homes at several sites around the Highlands.

HHA have been a client for a number of years and we have worked with them on a variety of projects.

HHA deliver a new concept in house building, deploying technology and construction methods only previously available for one-off architect designed homes. We were commissioned to create an identity, under the umbrella of New Energy Homes (NEH), plus supporting marketing materials. Working with strong vibrant colours, the design team created a bold typeface for the identity, in tandem with a contemporary design for the brochure and site plan.

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We were also asked to design marketing collateral and adverts to promote a number of their developments at Wick Harbour.

The Highlands was home to Scotland’s Housing Expo (SHE) - the first-ever event of its kind in Scotland, showcasing 52 unique, architect-designed homes. Dynam was commissioned by HHA, in partnership with the Highland Council, SUST (Scottish Government’s Sustainability in Architecture Programme) and a diverse group of architects, building professionals and contract workers on site to carry out a number of design related projects. These included a way-finding analysis and signage solutions for the Expo site, the production of literature and support materials and project management for a Suppliers’ Day.

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Home page.

We also redesigned and built HHA’s website.

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