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Highland Opportunity Ltd (HOL) is the Enterprise Trust for the Highlands, offering business advice and finance.

They are also the local deliverer of national and international business support services including Business Gateway, Enterprise Europe Network, Prince's Trust Youth Business Scotland and Ness Horizons Business Centre. HOL has the capability to deliver a strong and effective combination of assistance, but there was lack of clarity regarding the positioning of HOL alongside the array of brands it operates; this had created confusion for clients and partners, with the result that the service was not making the impact it should.

Highland Opportunity came to Dynam following a successful tender submission. Dynam’s objective was to strengthen HOL’s market position by adopting a phased approach to developing the brand, clarifying its relationships with its services, and creating a powerful logo and corporate image which would translate across print and online media.

As a starting point, we carried out a workshop with the staff as they are all brand ambassadors. The focus and format of our branding workshops tend to vary depending on the client and what stage they are at with their brand.

As HOL were looking for a new brand, we suggested that the workshop was centered around the Brand Wheel – an excellent tool designed to help define a brand or positioning. Put very simply, it’s a device designed to distill the essence of a brand into a few key words or phrases. It is created by asking a cross section of stakeholders such as the staff, management and the board a series of questions about how products and services help its clients.

Following the workshop, we then pulled together a report and on-line survey that was then shared and discussed with the key stakeholders, and a definitive brand wheel was produced.

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The proposition and values that come out of this process are then used as the building blocks of all communications. Amongst other things, they set the type of visuals, colours etc used for the logo, the tone of the copy, and prioritise the message.

We proposed a four-part leaf motif for the logo, to represent growth. It used blended colours to signify the mix of interconnected services available. Icons have also been introduced to depict the different areas in which Highland Opportunity is able to assist clients.

Once approved by the Highland Opportunity Board, Dynam was able to produce the brand manual and start introducing the brand across a range or marketing collateral.

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