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MAKAR is an architect led building company, incorporating Neil Sutherland Architects LLP.

The company has been growing steadily in recent years and is experiencing strong demand for its bespoke, low energy, ecological houses. The company differs from mainstream builders in offering an integrated design, manufacturing and delivery service to customers with certainty over workmanship, energy performance, program and cost.

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Marketing material.

Our first project for MAKAR was to develop a brand for the organisation. We developed a clean, simple logo that could work across the architectural and construction aspects of the company, and reflect the commitment to innovative designs using sustainable materials.

More recently, we tackled their website. The organic colours and simplicity of design for the branding were carried through to create a simple, interactive web presence perfectly expressive of the company’s commitment to clean architectural lines and natural, sustainable materials. The content and approach was also to ensure to the customer that the process of commissioning a new home or other building is hassle free with MAKAR and an enjoyable experience

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The MAKAR home page.

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