MM Miller is an established building and civil engineering contractor in the Highlands, best known for public buildings, industrial and commercial, social housing and civil works and utilities. Dynam was asked to redesign their website to reflect their status as a respected and professional company, as well as highlight the company’s recent growth of the private homes side of their business.

MM Miller project image 2
The M.M. Miller website
MM Miller project image 3
M. M. Miller Public Buildings page

Creating distinct pages for each area of activity, and deploying striking magenta side blocks against slideshows of major contracts and clear, straightforward copy, Dynam created a website with strong visual appeal, essential information, and a platform for its private home building service, including a gallery of available designs. The site offers easy navigation, clear contact information for each area and shows how a well-known presence on the building scene has evolved to meet the wide-ranging needs of the Highland region.

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