The City of Inverness is the economic and administrative capital of the Highlands; over recent years it has become one of the most vibrant and successful commercial centres in the UK.

The Port of Inverness has been at the heart of the city’s growth and expansion and is one of Scotland’s most sheltered and natural deep water ports. We have been working on a number of projects for the Port of Inverness. The first one was to redesign and build their website.

The client was looking for a more engaging and lively brochure site. The site was to be badged Port of Inverness but carry the Inverness Harbour Trust branding. They identified a number of key themes for the site including background to the Trust, Key Developments, Shipping Movements, Leisure, Commercial, Cruise and News. Target audiences were identified as the local community, port users, maritime organisations and the smaller end of the exploration market, such as Cruise Scotland.

Port of Inverness project image 2

We created a strong conceptual feel to encapsulate the progressive nature of the port. We used a clean, simple layout with straightforward site mapping to enable the visitors to easily fine the information they are looking for.

More recently, we designed and produced a brochure aimed specifically at the renewables sector.

Port of Inverness project image 4
Brochure detail.

The port is one of Scotland’s most sheltered and natural deep-water ports, making it the natural choice for Renewable Companies.

Working with the conceptual feel that we created for the website and striking photography, the brochure clearly illustrates that the port has the facilities and infrastructure to fulfil the needs of the renewables sector.

We’ve also just completed their annual report.

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