The Brief

Dynam was commissioned to design, build and project manage an exhibition stand for Orkney, which would feature at 12 events over a period of three years, throughout Scotland and the UK. The stand raises awareness of Orkney as a tourist destination and place of interest. It also enables Orcadian based companies and brands to showcase their offering and gain potential trade opportunities at each event. The companies exhibiting include everything from gin companies and bakeries to jewelry brands, textiles and more.

The Design

Dynam’s first challenge was to address a physical format that could occupy spaces between 18m2 to 88m2 so as to adapt to each event the stand would attend. Creating an overall concept drawing on Orkney’s unique landscapes, Karen and the exhibition team formulated a display that could be scaled to meet available space and number of attendees, wherever it was positioned.

The team was conscious of the fact that while it was necessary to retain the integrity of the Orkney brand, there also needed to be a balance between the umbrella and the individual businesses grouped under it. Inspiration came from the land and the sea. The creative concept used weathered wood finishes reflecting the seascapes, infil graphic panels and evocative copy content to develop the unique relationship between the landscape, its produce, and communities.

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