The Tulloch Group is a long-standing agency client, with a 20-year history. We have helped the Group raise its profile within the industry, throughout the Highlands and further afield. We are responsible for managing the brand identity, design and production of corporate and marketing literature, advertising and more recently the redesign and build of their website.

The main audience for the Tulloch website is anyone interested in buying a house from first time buyers, singles, young couples, families and retired couples. The site has been designed to be extremely user-friendly with broad appeal, and a strong emphasis on being able to find information with maximum ease.

Tulloch Homes project image 1
Tulloch Homes website.
Tulloch Homes project image 2
A development page showing the development plan.

The site’s objective is to encourage people to buy into the attractions of the Tulloch lifestyle and, whenever they think of buying a new home, to automatically consider the Tulloch portfolio first, and remain a customer. The site facilitates repeat visits with the capability of being able to create a user’s individual profile with features such as a favourites list – a particularly valuable resource for first time buyers, or those experiencing the Tulloch style and approach to home design, build and purchase for the first time.

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