Dynam got involved in a very exciting craft beer branding and website project thanks to Wooha, a Highland-based brewery started by former microbiologist Heather McDonald.

Production of Wooha craft beer officially started in April 2015, and since then the company has seen huge success with its porter, lager, IPA and wheat beers.

Wooha currently has over 6,000 fans on Facebook; the business is now exporting overseas, including to Spain and America. Their beer has been been snapped up by two large supermarkets, Aldi and ASDA. Wooha has won many awards, including two from SIBA, as well as Scottish Brewery of the Year at the New York International Beer Festival 2016! After so many successes, Wooha is now making plans to move to a bigger manufacturing plant and grow the business further.

Wooha Brewing Company project image 1

With their target customers based throughout the world it was important Wooha had a strong brand which could be easily recognised. The goal was to create something that stands out on crowded shop shelves and in the busy pub environment. Wooha wanted a brand centred around a crazy Highland cow - so that’s what we gave them!

Wooha Brewing Company project image 3

The brand image originated from a beer glass which was then designed to look like a highland cow. After discussion with Wooha, Dynam then created different characters to represent the different characteristics of each beer: dark, rich and smoky, or with a citrus burst.

Wooha Brewing Company project image 5
Wooha Website
Wooha Brewing Company project image 6

The brand has since been applied to a variety of materials, including the bottles, website, merchandise, adverts and point of sale. Dynam also designed ‘The Purple Beast”, Wooha’s delivery van.

Check out the website to see the Wooha brewing process in a fun and interactive way.

Wooha Brewing Company project image 8