Established in 1999, WSD offers quantity surveying, construction management, estimating and project management services. Its core values are professionalism, commitment, personalisation of each client project, and respect for deadlines and budgets.

The Brief

Dynam was commissioned to redesign the logo, which was dated. It also suffered from too much intricacy, which hampered its effectiveness on modern platforms such as the website, and environments where reduction in size was required. In addition, the team also carried out some corporate design work on stationery and in-house elements.

Design Elements

Because the original design was created as a square mosaic comprising several tiles, with a number of tones incorporated, Dynam reduced the mosaic concept to a single tile, making it more practical for repro purposes, clarity, and usage across on- and off-line media. The palette of tones was reduced to the two corporate colours, and adapted successfully to monotone for single-colour environments. Keeping the square format maintained the integrity of the original concept, suggesting security, support and strength – key messages for the target markets.

WSD Scotland project image 2
WSD Scotland project image 3